Family photos at Berkeley Park

While I love getting out of town, hiking, and exploring for adventure sessions, there is something about a simple neighborhood park family photo shoot that can’t be beat. I was able to spend a day with this cute little family in a place that their four-year-old daughter knows and loves, a place that she is comfortable with (and a place that isn’t too far to run back home and get some forgotten snacks or accessories). This accessibility and comfort is key in getting some great shots, as I have learned from taking years of family portraits is that when the kid is smiling the parents are usually smiling too!

The beauty of Portland is that it is packed to the brim with lush neighborhood parks. This is great for families day to day, as there are options for both parents and kids alike to avoid boredom and get outside. It is also great for choosing family portrait locations. If the park down the street looks a little packed with other families and children, it is a good bet that there will be another park just around the corner that will be just as great of an option.

I was lucky on the day we shot with this family as Berkeley park was full of sunshine, but not too full of people. Their daughter loved getting in tune with the last remnants of fall while exploring some leaves-which also made for some great props. It is always fun to take pictures of families that you have created relationships with-and it was no different in this shoot. The sessions produced fun, bright and vibrant- yet seemingly effortless images of a family having fun- which is what I’m all about. I have fun with my families and I think that this light-hearted approach makes the difference in the end result.

I look forward to capturing some great family photos at a park near you!