Why should I take professional headshots?

Getting a bite to eat? You probably open up an app and check out pictures and reviews of the restaurant. Thinking of doing some shopping? Take out that smart phone and look at images of what the local boutique has to offer. Scheduling a doctor’s office check up? You can browse through the staff photos to see who is taking new patients. Images on the screen, whether on your laptop or on your phone, help to create visual representations of businesses, whether you are a freelance writer, a fitness professional, or a nonprofit organization. In order to make the best decisions, we all want to see photos, lots and lots of good photos.

Having a set of professional headshots  to add to your social media can add a fresh perspective to your online presence. I’ve worked with illustrators, healthcare providers, artisans, and burgeoning fitness professionals to help them create a gallery of bright, vivid, and visually attractive photos to bring some fun to their websites and social media.

I love what I do and want to help you elevate your business so more people can love what you do. For more information or to book a session in Portland contact me today.